Getting Paid – Tips for Collecting Accounts Receivables

In a down economy, collecting your accounts receivables (A/R) seems to get more difficult by the day. You’ve done the work or supplied the product, and you should get paid for it in a timely manner – you deserve it. Here are some tips to cons… Read More
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Drowning in Student Loans? Are They Dischargeable in Bankruptcy?

With tuition rising by double digit percentage points over the years due to the state budget crunch, more and more students are graduating from college drowning in debt, including in some cases, six-figure debt. In my practice, and even from friends… Read More
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Bankruptcy Preference Actions - What Every Company Must Know

When a business files for bankruptcy and liquidates its assets, the occurrence of which is increasing tremendously with the distressed economy, the debtor or an appointed trustee normally seek to recover what are called avoidable or preferential tran… Read More
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