Does a traffic violation have any legal consequences?

Although most traffic tickets are considered civil infractions (and therefore incarceration is not possible), most offenses have significant legal consequences. The biggest mistake people make is simply paying the fine and thinking that the matter is over. By pleading responsible, you are likely incurring points on your Secretary of State driving record. Almost every traffic offense has a penalty of points.

There are many consequences to receiving points on your record. First, you run the risk of losing your license because the Secretary of State detemines that you are not a safe driving, and thereby revokes your privilege to drive in Michigan. Additionally, insurance premiums can skyrocket after the insurance company learns of the addition of points on your record. Since most insurance companies look back over 3-5 years on your record, just one ticket can end up costing you thousands of dollars in additional insurance premiums.

What do you need an attorney for traffic matter? Because some prosecutors or city attorneys are not willing to negotiate or reduce traffic tickets when people are unrepresented. An experienced attorney that is familiar with the court system can assist you and negotiate on your behalf. Don't just pay your ticket, seek advice first that could save you money in the long run.