Land Contract and Mortgage Forfeitures / Foreclosures

Jackson Attorneys Serving Michigan Land Owners and Lenders

Despite their best intentions, sometimes real estate buyers fail to pay as promised, whether it is their ongoing monthly payment, real property taxes or insurance premiums. The reason for the default should not matter — sellers and lenders should act fast to protect their rights under Michigan law.

Curtis, Curtis & Brelinski, P.C.'s lawyers and legal assistants routinely help sellers and lenders reclaim property after a buyer's default. Whether it is a land contract gone bad, or a mortgage that needs to be foreclosed, our real estate attorneys know the ins and outs of the law so you can take back your property and start fresh. The laws related to land contracts and mortgages are exceedingly detailed and must be strictly followed or you run the risk of having to start all over, causing unnecessary delay and lost income.

Every land contract default situation is different. Our Jackson-based attorneys can discuss your particular situation and advise you of your best options. More importantly, we will quickly start the process of reclaiming your property. We can send the demand paperwork or file a lawsuit with the Jackson County District Court, most of the time the same day we are retained. Our law firm is located a few short blocks from the Jackson County Courthouse, and we file documents or cases there daily. While our foreclosure and land contract lawyers routinely appear in Jackson County, we can also represent your real property interests throughout mid-Michigan.

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