Michigan Employee Benefit Planning and Administration

Employee Benefit Planning and Administration is an area of practice dealing with the legal obligations of employers under certain employee benefit plans, such as 401(k) plans, profit sharing plans, employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs), flexible benefit (cafeteria) plans, pension plans, and other group employment benefit plans.

Curtis, Curtis & Brelinski's employee benefit plan professionals can assist your company with all of its employee benefit plan needs at a reasonable rate, with the personal service you don't get from the national administrators. Based in Jackson, we provide services to companies throughout Michigan.

Employee benefit plans can help:

  • Attract and retain qualified employees;
  • Provide companies with a tax deduction;
  • Reduce pressure to improve other employee benefit programs;
  • Save companies money by letting employees share in the cost of the company's retirement program.

A successful plan design will meet both your company's and your employees’ financial goals. For example, if you desire to take advantage of the new higher contribution limits for deferred contribution retirement plans that are now available, but are concerned about the overall cost to fund benefits for your employees, we will work with you in drafting plan documents customized for your special needs. Additionally, through the use of creative plan design, including new comparability testing and age-weighted allocation formulas, it is possible to design a plan that provides a large portion of the employer contribution to the highly-paid company executives and still pass the various non-discrimination tests.

Once your plan is established, we will gladly meet with plan participants to discuss the provisions of the plan and to answer any of the participants' questions. These meetings have shown to be quite successful in increasing employee participation in retirement plans.

Our employee benefit plan services also include annual preparation and administration of retirement plans. By utilizing state-of-the-art software, we are able to provide all required reports, including summary annual reports and IRS Form 5500, in a timely and efficient manner.

Whether you are a large or small employer, the addition of an employee benefit plan can provide many advantages to you, your company and your employees.

To set up a free, informational meeting with our employee benefit professionals, call (517) 787-9481, email info@curtiscurtislaw.com, or complete our online contact form. Based in Jackson, we serve companies throughout Michigan.

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