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Estate Planning is an area of law that seeks to help individuals and families prepare for their personal, medical, family, and financial affairs in the event of death, serious illness, or disability. When most people think of estate planning, they think about writing a simple will. However, proper planning can help you and your family plan for a number of real-life issues that commonly arise in every day life.

Do you own a home or other real estate? If yes, then you need to properly plan how it will be transferred or disposed of upon your death. It can be done a number of ways, depending on your situation and goals. The most important thing is to speak to an experienced lawyer to guide you through the process.

Do you have minor children? If yes, then who will care for them if you pass away? Where will the funds come from? If you have significant assets, do you really want your child to receive them when he or she turns 18? Our experienced estate planning attorneys can help you address these, and many other, issues that come up frequently for parents of young children.

Do you have significant property and/or financial investments? If yes, then you need to create a plan to ensure your financial resources end up in the right hands, and at the right time. Through a trust, you can control the disposition of your assets for many years after your death, but not so through a simple will.

Are you in a second marriage or a blended family? If yes, then you may want to provide for a mix of different family members (including your spouse, your own children, your spouse's children, and children in common). Michigan law most likely does not automatically provide for your desired outcomes in this complex situation. It takes planning with an experience estate and trust lawyer to reach your goals.

Serving Michigan Since 1901

Our estate planning lawyers based in Jackson, Michigan, have assisted individuals and families all over mid-Michigan since 1901. Often times, we have assisted multiple generations of the same family, and are proud that families continue to rely on our experience and advice when they are making important life decisions.

Our attorneys and paralegals can assist you and your loved ones with the following:

Naturally, most people do not want to deal with issues related to death or disability. We understand. However, the failure to properly prepare and plan for yourself and your family in the event of death or disability can have serious consequences. Our Jackson-based estate planning attorneys can help you identify the estate planning issues that are unique to your situation, counsel you through the estate planning process, and help you prepare a comprehensive estate plan that is suitable for the needs of you and your family.

For more information, or to set up an appointment, please call the experienced estate planning lawyers at Curtis, Curtis & Brelinski at (517) 787-9481, email info@curtiscurtislaw.com, or complete our online contact form. Based in Jackson, we serve clients throughout mid-Michigan.

To read our online Estate Planning Guide, click here.

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