Land Contracts and Mortgages

Curtis, Curtis & Brelinski, P.C.'s Jackson-based real estate lawyers can assist buyers, sellers and lenders with real property transactions throughout mid-Michigan. We have been serving clients since 1901. We have the knowledge and experience to explain the law to you, weight the pros and cons of your particular situation, and draft documents to properly protect your real estate interests.

Jackson Land Contract Lawyers

Are you interested in selling your real estate on a land contract, and you've heard that all you have to do is buy a simple form and fill it out? Our experienced land contract attorneys have seen that happen, and the end result can be disastrous. The sale of real estate is serious and highly regulated. This isn't a lease. It's a true sale. It does not matter if you sell a piece of property outright or by a land contract, the numerous real estate laws and regulations still apply to your transaction.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a bank? Well, selling your property on land contract is as close as it comes. You are the bank. Banks have lawyers that protect their interests. You should too. Our experienced and knowledgeable land contract attorneys will draft the appropriate contracts and accompanying documents so that you get the best possible deal, and perhaps more importantly, protect your rights should the deal go bad sometime down the road. After all, you are the bank, and you're entering into a long-term lending relationship with the buyer.

Mortgage Attorneys in Jackson County

Depending on your situation, a mortgage may be favorable over a land contract. Our knowledgeable real estate lawyers will talk with you to understand your sale and advise you as to the preferred way to structure your deal.

Are you loaning money to someone to purchase real estate? If so, it needs to be put in writing and filed with the appropriate government agency. We can help. We have been assisting clients with real estate transactions for decades.

Land Contract and Mortgage Defaults

If you've already sold a property on land contract, or through a mortgage transaction, in Jackson County or mid-Michigan, and the buyer is in default, learn more about how our litigation lawyers can help.

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