All of our attorneys handle a lot of real estate related legal matters, including many boundary line disputes between neighbors. This area of the law is often litigated, and commonly goes to trial. Recently, attorney Brad A. Brelinski represented an area landowner who, after trying to resolve it on his own before filing a lawsuit, was forced to file a case to quiet title against two neighbors and a mortgage company when there was a major discrepancy between the property line as monumented by the surveyor, and the legal description as written by that very same surveyor. This error dated back to when the properties were divided by the developer and sold off in lots. The defendant landowners filed a motion for summary disposition (to dismiss without a trial), which was denied, and the case proceeded to trial. After two days of testimony and many exhibits, the trial court ruled in favor of our client under the doctrines of adverse possession and acquiescence, and legally recognized the boundary line as it had been marked for decades. The case was not appealed.