Healthcare Reform Proposal and its Potential Effect on Business

The Jackson and US Chambers of Commerce oppose the current health care reform proposal which is before the US Congress because of the burden it will place on already financially-strapped businesses. In a recent “Call to Action” to its members, the Jackson Chamber of Commerce provided information on their position on this issue and requested members take a serious look at the legislation.

According to the US Chamber, the legislation under consideration now would: 1) Create a government-run (public) insurance plan; 2) Establish employer mandates on businesses - particularly small business - requiring them to provide coverage for all employees or pay a tax; and 3) Impose major tax increases, including an additional surtax on "high income" earners and many small business owners. The U.S. Chamber opposes all of the above.

The Jackson Chamber provided that the “Chamber and business community together are eager to work with the President and Congress to reform the system, but not entirely on the backs of businesses. The current employer-based system already provides voluntary health benefits to more than 160 million Americans. Employees overwhelmingly indicate their satisfaction with these benefits and want their employers to continue providing them. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (Congress' official budget scorekeeper) Director, Douglas Elmendorf, told the Senate Budget Committee during testimony that the health reform measures being proposed in Congress would exacerbate an already bleak budget outlook, increasing deficit projections and driving the nation more deeply into debt.”

Congress is trying to finalize this complicated and massive undertaking before it leaves session in August. It’s imperative that employers educate themselves on the provisions of this bill which greatly impact businesses and voice your concerns against rushing through this very important legislation.

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