Michigan Driving Offenses and Licensing

Experienced Jackson County Defense Attorneys for Traffic Offenses, Driver's License Issues, and CDL Citations

The attorneys at Curtis, Curtis & Brelinski, P.C. have developed a niche law practice over the years representing individuals in Jackson County and throughout southern-Michigan in all matters related to driving a motor vehicle, including civil infractions, speeding tickets, commercial truck driver offenses, drunk driving, and other driving related misdemeanors and crimes.

Our Jackson-based lawyers also represent individuals in all southern-Michigan counties related to all driver's license privilege issues at the Secretary of State and Circuit Courts through driver's license restoration hearings, hardship appeals, implied consent appeals for breath test refusals, and ignition interlock violations.

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The consequences of an offense can impact your driving privileges, and you may face criminal proceedings, fines, and possible jail time. Pleading guilty to a crime can have long-lasting repercussions, including impacting your ability to find or maintain a job, attend college, join the military, and/or prohibit entry into certain professions.

Commercial Truck Driver Defense

Jackson County, Michigan includes heavily traveled trucking routes I-94 and US-127. The Michigan State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division patrols Jackson County and maintains the Grass Lake weigh station on I-94. Over the years, the State… Read More

Driver's License Restoration & Appeals

In Michigan, driving is a privilege, not a right. When one loses their driving privileges, it can be difficult to get them back. The statutes, rules, regulations and paperwork are overwhelming and confusing. The odds are against reinstatement of driv… Read More

Drunk Driving

If you've been charged with drunk driving in Jackson County or any other mid-Michigan county, do not plead guilty as charged without consulting an experienced and knowledgeable OWI/DUI defense attorney. Drunk driving cases have serious consequences.… Read More

Traffic & Speeding Offenses

Auto insurance companies determine a driver's premium based on accidents, tickets and other relevant information. While you may not have total control over an accident, it is possible to limit the number of points on your driving record. Read More